Marine Rescue Port Kembla promotes safe boating

About Us

A group of over 80 dedicated Marine Rescue NSW Volunteers who give their time selflessly to promote boating safety in the Illawarra region.

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Our Work

We provide 24/7 radio monitoring/log on/log off from Hill 60 SARCC as well as crew to man PK 31 (our 10M Naiad offshore vessel at Port Kembla) and PK 20 (our 6.8M Naiad vessel on Lake Illawarra.

 A National Police History Check is mandatory when joining Marine Rescue NSW. If you have the time to commit to at least 1 weekend/month for boat crew/training or a couple of radio shifts/week and a willingness to undergo training to meet out standards, then click on the "Apply to Volunteer" link above, lodge an EOI or Online Membership application and we will be in touch. Fundraising members also needed. Ideal if you are unable to do active operations